We clear out the clutter and confusion around safety management.

Moving beyond safety work to improve the safety of work

Understanding work as done – how people do their jobs and in what context – is the missing piece when it comes to creating safer outcomes.

Services & capabilities

Deep Dive Assessments

Do you want to improve a key risk issue (like road transport) or a business process (like incident investigations)? We have an assessment methodology that will diagnose your challenges and point you in the right direction.

Independent Board Advisory

Do you want independent advice or support for your Board of Directors or Board Committee? We provide a suite of governance and due diligence services from independently chairing Board Committees through to training workshops and presentations.

Safety Logics

Do you want to improve the operational leadership and culture in your organisation but are dissatisfied with generic questionnaires and classroom training? We have a process that uses the latest research findings in social psychology and institutional theory to help you figure out what to do next?

Safety Strategy

Do you want to set a long-term direction and objectives for your organisation? We work collaboratively with you to discover and align around your vision for the future and then develop the programs that will get you there.

Management Systems

Do you want to have management systems that support your people to execute their work effectively? We can support the development, revision or de-cluttering of an individual business process or an entire management system.

Operational Safety Assessments

Do you want to know the safety problems in a company, business unit or site that you are concerned about but not sure why? We have an operational review methodology to assess the leadership, culture, systems and risk controls in a way that will identify your key areas of focus for safety improvement.


Do you want greater confidence that safety is being managed as well as you expect? We perform a wide range of collaborative and engaging assurance, audit and investigation processes to give you a picture of the true state of play.

Aviation Safety

Do you want to better understand and manage your aviation operations? We have industry leading expertise and a suite of support processes to provide you with an understanding of your aviation risks and a roadmap of how to effectively mitigate them.

Process Safety

Do you want to better understand and manage your process safety risks? We provide a full range of services to develop your process safety strategy, leadership, culture, risk management, performance measurement and operational discipline.

Safety Professional Development

Do you want to have a more effective safety professional organisation? We have international academic and industry leading capability in how to design and develop effective safety structures, roles and teams.


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