Management Systems

Moving from Regulatory Compliance to Supporting Work as Done.

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Redesigning and decluttering management systems to constructively enable work

We provide risk-focused design and proprietary decluttering methodologies to create management systems that reflect the work as it is done and simplify work procedures to critical steps that respect and harness the artisanal skills of the frontline. These Management System services enable your organization to harness its understanding of what creates the safety of work to co-design management systems with those who manage the hazards every day.

Case Studies

Johnson & Johnson

The world’s largest and broadly-based healthcare company wanted to improve its approach to safety management in its operations, globally, by reviewing and decluttering their Safety Management System. Through a Forge Works partnership, our consultants developed a decluttering framework and tools, conducted awareness training for key stakeholders, and decluttered their global health and safety (critical risk) standards.


A global developer and operator of hyperscale datacenters wanted to create a health and safety management system that could function in both a development and operational capacity across a number of diverse cultural environments. Through a Forge Works partnership the original system was interrogated against the clients value propositions, structurally decluttered for simplicity and effectiveness and reorganized utilizing a goal-based approach under the companies brand and vision.

Queensland Rail

A state provider of modern and world-class rail service wanted to review and measure the effectiveness of their suite of Management of Change (MoC) processes. Through a Forge Works partnership, our consultants assessed the MoC processes against recognised and generally accepted practice, identified common themes across a sample of implementation cases and identified improvement opportunities that will add value to the management of future technical changes.

Department of Agriculture, Water & Environment

A government department representing national interests in agriculture, water and the environment wanted to rationalize and review the appropriateness of five independent work, health and safety management systems. Through a Forge Works partnership, a management system was designed through an evidence-based methodology by focusing on risk-based criteria and reducing prescription through goal-based standards that recognize the autonomy of the organization’s divisions in delivering on the governance requirements of the department.


An established and innovative mining firm with both upstream mining and downstream processing assets wanted to declutter their established health and safety management system which was providing a level of prescription that was hindering productivity and the safety of work. Through a Forge Works partnership, our consultants interviewed key stakeholders and conducted a detailed review of the management system. Forge Works, through an evidence-based methodology, decluttered the management system by removing duplicated criteria and reducing prescription through goal-based standards that recognized the autonomy of the company’s business units.


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