Our services are based on a rare combination of executive safety leadership within large complex organizations, and leading international expertise in safety science and operational risk.


Senior Leadership

Moving from Transactional to Servant Leadership.


Moving from Reactive Safety Work to Proactive Safety of Work.

Risk Management

Moving from Risk Information to Risk Foresight.

Safety Organization

Moving from Compliance to Building Operational Capacity.

Work Understanding

Moving from Work Prescription to Emergent Risk Management.

Forge Works Tailored Services

We take the time to understand the constraints, complexities and realities of your organisation to codesign and deliver improvements to reduce operational risk and create the safety of work.

Client Testimonials

Application of the Forge Works Map has provided fresh direction and possibilities for our globally diverse operations. The focus on business processes has engaged the entire organisation, resulting in a deeper exploration of work and new avenues to achieve and sustain safe outcomes. The result is a strategy that is regionally relevant and impactful to our operations, which will deliver not just safety, but operational excellence and sustainability.

Dylan Audeyev
Vice President – Safety Health Environment & Quality

As Transport for NSW embarks on developing its 2022-2026 Health & Safety Strategy, we elected to partner with Forge Works to establish a clear picture of the current climate across Transport to inform the development of a roadmap and program of works that will successfully improve the safety of work and deliver on Transport’s health and safety strategic objectives.  Coupled with a strong evidence based methodology, Forge Works brought sound operational experience in the identification of targeted and prioritised improvement opportunities arising from the safety of work climate assessment which will set TfNSW on a strong trajectory to achieving it’s strategy.

Amanda Gleeson
Executive Director – Health & Safety
Transport for NSW

Linfox engaged Forge Works to review and help strengthen our critical risk program which is a key part of our Vision Zero safety, health, and wellbeing strategy. From the beginning, their specialist knowledge helped us rethink and reshape our approach for assessing and managing critical risks. Using a combination of industry and local examples, the Forge Works team did a terrific job in adapting their material to ensure relevance with the types of risks that we manage every day. Over a short time, the team developed a greater understanding of risk causation and how different tools such as a bow tie assessment can be used. We are grateful for the help they have provided.

Chris Wilks
Group Manager Safety, Health and Wellbeing
Linfox Logistics

We engaged with Forge Works to help declutter our management system. The team provided clarity and simplicity to what can be complex and complicated systems. Our HSQE management systems are now structured for the present and future growth. I’d highly recommended any company looking to do the same to reach out to the team.

Gareth Evans
Director – Health Safety Environment & Quality

The team from Forge Works are exemplary to work with. They responded promptly to a request for assistance, even working weekends to support my organisation. Forge Works are a rare entity that truly understands the challenges of operations and organisations, and uses this industrial empathy to work through practical operational risk solutions that are well informed by safety research.  I cannot speak highly enough about the team at Forge Works and their approach to supporting our business.

Séona Groves
Group Manager – Safety & Health
Newcrest Mining Limited

We partnered with Forge Works to undertake a safety culture assessment to identify opportunities to positively shape safety culture and understand how work is executed. Forge Works offers a bespoke approach drawing on contemporary safety science which has afforded us unique and specific insights that traditional safety models unfortunately, do not offer. We gained an in-depth understanding of the localised issues from the senior leadership team, contract managers and supervisors to the frontline workforce. These insights informed crucial components of our strategy, and I am extremely grateful to Forge Works for providing such a valuable service, and expertise, to Serco AsPac.

Kym Bancroft
Head of Safety, Environment & Wellbeing, AsPac
Serco Asia Pacific

We were looking for a company to upskill our workforce’s understanding of Risk Management and Forge Works more than delivered. Unlike other consultancies that have been utilised in the past, Forge Works were able to adapt solutions to our current Risk Management processes and architecture and tailor training to our specific needs – even when these needs changed mid-way through the  activity! Following our initial Critical Risk Analysis activity with Forge Works our key stakeholders have the tools and knowledge needed to provide simple and defensible risk assessments for our decision makers. We wholeheartedly recommend Forge Works as an adaptive enabler for any organisation.

RAAF Safety
Australian Defence Force


Operational Management

Moving from Delegation of Safety Work to Facilitation of Safety through Operations.

Resource Allocation

Moving from Budgeting for Compliance to Investment in Operational Slack.

Management Systems

Moving from Regulatory Compliance to Supporting Work as Done.

Goal Conflict

Moving from Optimizing Production to Resolving Conflict.


Moving from Managing Competency to Making Sense of Normal Work.

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