Safety Organization

Moving from Compliance to Building Operational Capacity.

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→ Coaching and Team Building
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Shaping your safety organization to holistically enhance its effectiveness

We provide seasoned insight into the effectiveness of your safety team, organizational redesign and safety professional development. These Safety Organization services enable your organization to enhance the role of your safety professionals in the reduction of operational risk and in the growth of operational capacities for enabling and executing work.

Case Studies


A multi-national upstream oil and gas exploration and production company, which had recently transformed its business through acquisition, growth and diversification, wanted to ensure that its newly-formed Safety Organization has the capabilities, systems of work and other conditions necessary to allow them to proactively focus on risk reduction activities. Through a Forge Works partnership a review of the safety advisor roles was undertaken to understand what work the advisors were doing in the field, analyze what was driving the current state of safety professional activities in the organization, identify opportunities to improve the performance of the Safety Organization and co-design the road-map to achieving the improvements.


A global technology leader and one of the largest industrial manufacturers in the world wanted to engage its global EHS community of approximately 1700 people to provide knowledge on contemporary safety management approaches and safety professional practice capability development. Through a Forge Works partnership conceptual and delivery support was provided to deliver the engagement program, including an executive presentation on contemporary safety perspectives, facilitated safety community ‘idea lounges’, recorded lectures and a customized Safety Futures Advanced Safety Professional Program.

Australia Post

A national postal service, which had recently initiated its new enterprise safety strategy wanted to implement a commensurate safety operating model. Through a Forge Works partnership an independent review of the safety operating model was conducted to refresh the purpose, responsibilities and scope of activities for the safety advisors, establish the ‘ideal’ structure for the Safety Organization and identify the required safety roles and associated capabilities.


A global video streaming service wanted to create significant improvements in the management of safety across its content production team. Through a Forge Works partnership a program of inspiring safety speakers was designed and facilitated to influence the thinking and understanding of the safety professionals, to inspire what safety can be in the broader organizational culture and to codesign practical ways for the safety organization to operationalize new ideas and approaches.

Urban Utilities

A state water utility wanted to enhance its process safety capability by attracting a professional process safety engineer to its Safety Organization. Through a Forge Works partnership a Forge Works professional process safety engineer drafted a position description for the new role in the context of the operating and risk profiles and short-listed the pool of candidates that progressed to an interview.


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