Episode Summary

Who are we? We are Drew Rae and David Provan, two employees of the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University. Listen to future episodes to learn more about us and what we do. Catch the first episode a week from the date of this intro episode.

Episode Notes

Welcome to an introduction to our new podcast, Safety of Work. In this podcast we will discuss how safety works. We aim to provide listeners with examples of safety processes that exist in the real world and how they can use those processes in their own lives.


  • Safety comes from operational work.
  • How safety works at work.
  • The goal and the means of safety are different.
  • What to expect from each forthcoming episode.
  • Our goals for this podcast.
  • David is a career safety professional.
  • Drew is a computer systems engineer by training.


“We don’t want to be disconnected from the safety of work; we want to be closely linked in…”

“We want to help our listeners demystify, devolve, and declutter safety.”

“…There’s a lot of things that safety people do, which have legitimate purposes, that are not directly geared at safety of work.”