Episode Summary

On this very first episode, we pose the question, when do behavioral safety interventions work?

Episode Notes

Tune in to hear us discuss whether behavioral safety interventions are effective and worthwhile.


  • We purposely picked a broad topic for this episode.
  • Studies on behavioral safety interventions and how they were structured.
  • Only one of the studies was done within a more traditional framework.
  • Why it’s difficult to track safety in the workplace.
  • Getting good evidence by looking more closely at the factors at play.


“Human behavior change is absolutely a science, but behavior-based safety is probably mostly nonsense.”

“In a randomized control trial, every individual is either given or not given the behavioral training…”

“Interventions that are based on theory tend to be more successful.”


Mullan, B., Smith, L., Sainsbury, K., Allom, V., Paterson, H., & Lopez, A. L. (2015). Active behaviour change safety interventions in the construction industry: A systematic review. Safety science, 79, 139-148.