Episode Summary

Welcome back to The Safety of Work podcast. Today, we discuss the Brady Report.

Episode Notes

Tune in to hear us discuss the lessons learned from this important report.


  • Why the Brady Report was made.
  • The pros and cons of this type of study.
  • Malcolm Jones’ paper about grief cycles in business.
  • Why fatalities aren’t extraordinary events.
  • HRO theories and programs.
  • Why LTI’s aren’t relevant.
  • Why reported incidents aren’t a negative indicator. 
  • How fatalities could have possibly been avoided.
  • Practical takeaways from our conversation.


“The report contains, like, a couple of hundred pages of graphs and nowhere is there any sort of test to see what model best fits the graph.”

“It’s not new for big investigation reports…for people to get hold of one particular theory of safety and think that it provides all of the answers.”

“This definitely shows the naivete, if you think you can’t hide hospitalizable injuries.”


The Brady Report