Episode Summary

On this episode, we discuss what Heinrich really said. Drew is out this week, so in his stead, Carsten Busch helps me examine the topic at hand.

Episode Notes

Tune in to hear Carsten discuss his research into Heinrich’s work.


  • The impetus behind Carsten’s paper.
  • What his paper covered.
  • Why Heinrich’s ratio is so important.
  • Why capable workers are the most important factor in safety.
  • How corporations use Heinrich’s ratio in testing.
  • Heinrich’s overall impact and legacy.


“It’s interesting the way you go on to say that he wasn’t actually saying that you have to manage the three-hundred to prevent the one…”

“I think he would have liked to see himself, first and foremost, as a management advisor, because that is the audience for his book…”

“There’s a lot of talk about the Swiss Cheese model being linear…and it isn’t!”


Carsten’s Paper on Heinrich