Episode Summary

On today’s episode we discuss whether Virtual Reality is a more effective method of safety training.

Episode Notes

We chose to use two papers to frame our discussion. Those papers are Construction Safety Training Using Immersive Virtual Reality and Comparing Immersive Virtual Reality and PowerPoint as Methods for Delivering Safety Training.

Let us know if and how you are using Virtual Reality in your business.


  • VR research is a mixed bag.
  • How VR training works.
  • Advantages to VR training.
  • How VR training can be used more effectively.
  • Outsiders publishing in safety journals.


“It was fairly targeted towards the outcome they want from normal types of training.”

“It does suggest that if we are going to spend more money on this…then the way to follow up is down that idea of simulating particular work tasks…”

“It’s like watching the Phantom Menace and then watching the Phantom Menace with 3D goggles and deciding that 3D goggles are no good, because they didn’t make it into a better movie.”


Sacks, R., Perlman, A., & Barak, R. (2013). Construction safety training using immersive virtual realityConstruction Management and Economics31(9), 1005-1017.

Leder, J., Horlitz, T., Puschmann, P., Wittstock, V., & Schütz, A. (2019). Comparing immersive virtual reality and powerpoint as methods for delivering safety training: Impacts on risk perception, learning, and decision makingSafety science111, 271-286.