Episode Summary

On today’s episode, we wonder why workers don’t use reporting systems.

Episode Notes

Dave isn’t here today. Instead, Drew speaks directly with the author of the paper we intended to use to frame our discussion. Tune in to hear his discussion with Tanya Hewitt. 


  • Discomfort with non-technical topics.
  • Why some people are seasoned users of reporting systems.
  • Pride in being a fixer.
  • Feedback loops in reporting systems.
  • Questioning the value of given instructions.
  • Why qualitative data can be helpful.


“If people were very seasoned users of the reporting system, we’d want to really understand, ‘how did they become seasoned users?’ ”

“A lot of professionals: That’s where they derive their professional pride, from being able to fix problems.”

“[Reporting systems] are complex sociotechnical constructs.”


Hewitt, T. A., & Chreim, S. (2015). Fix and forget or fix and report: a qualitative study of tensions at the front line of incident reportingBMJ Qual Saf24(5), 303-310.