Episode Summary

In this episode, we discuss what elements make an effective team. We define “teams” and explain how research on teams is performed.

Episode Notes

We use the paper, Embracing Complexity, to frame our discussion. Tune in to hear our chat about this important issue.


  • The definition of a team.
  • What unit to study when researching teams.
  • Compositional and structural features.
  • Mediating mechanisms.
  • Average member attributes and how they contribute to performance.
  • How diversity affects teams.
  • Fault lines.
  • How to measure a team’s success.
  • The positive effect of innovation.


“A topic that comes up a lot in the research is virtual teams. Who would have guessed that teams meeting over Zoom was going to be a topical and relevant hot-button topic?”

“…The research suggests that functional diversity, as well as individual educational diversity have positive relationships with team performance.”

“There were some studies that said if there is a general climate in the organization around innovation, then the team will display more innovative characteristics and things like that.”


Embracing Complexity