Episode Summary

On this episode of Safety of Work, we discuss manual handling training and if it is an effective method.

Episode Notes

We use the paper, What Constitutes Effective Manual Handling Training, in order to frame our discussion. The paper is a systematic review that looks at fifty three intervention studies performed over a number of years.


  • Why training is the cornerstone of the workplace.
  • Why it’s important to evaluate training.
  • The results of the various studies discussed within today’s paper.
  • The varying qualities of studies.
  • Finding what type of manual training is effective.


“The idea of having some sort of formalized weighting system, is it gets around the accusation of researcher bias.”

“There’s maybe something to say that some of that training was actually counter to the way that we now understand, maybe, that people can exert safe and maximal force.”

“If you do have residual risk leftover…person-task-fit is directly relevant around this residual risk…”