Episode Summary

On today’s episode of Safety of Work, we discuss whether institutional logics help us move beyond safety culture.

Episode Notes

We use the paper How Logical is Safety? to frame our discussion.


  • On what institutional logic focuses.
  • Why institutional logic gives us a fresh start.
  • Local rationalities.
  • How the authors of the paper compiled their research.
  • The seven logics.
  • Understanding institutional logics.
  • Why it’s hard to change institutional logics.


“There’s some real challenges with the way that we’ve applied organizational culture and safety culture in our organizations.”

“They tried to look at how the participants were explaining or justifying their own behavior, to see if these explanations matched with the logics.”

“[Institutional logics] not something that you capture on a survey at a single point in time. It’s not something you change with a cultural intervention program.”