Episode Summary

On today’s episode of Safety of Work, we discuss how practitioners can find and read research. We thought this was a great topic, as this is often a dilemma for safety practitioners.

Episode Notes

Tune in to hear our discussion and insights.


  • Journals and how content gets submitted.
  • Using Google Scholar instead of Google.
  • Search tips.
  • How to request copies of papers.
  • University access to research papers.
  • How to determine what is being measured in a paper.
  • Internal and external validity.
  • The difference between papers and books.
  • Why you shouldn’t pay for papers.


“The basic rule for what is legal and what is not, is authors own the text until they submit it to a publisher.”

“Anyone who’s got even just a student account at a university, shares in the subscription. So if they log in, while they’re on campus, then they have free access to a lot of stuff which is paywalled, when they’re off campus.”

“Internal validity is how much within the scope of the paper it has correctly answered the question.”