Episode Summary

During this episode, we discuss how leadership development is experienced.

Episode Notes

We reference the paper Six Ways of Understanding Leadership Development in order to frame our study.

Tune in to hear our discussion and more about this paper.


  • Defining leadership development.
  • The idea of taking on the mantle of “leader”.
  • The six different ways of understanding leadership.
  • Developing leaders who further the goals of the organization.
  • Stretching people’s views of leadership.
  • Practical take-aways.


“…And in some sense, they’re almost like stages that leaders go through in their evolution of thinking about themselves like a leader.”

“People didn’t fall in a category. THe researchers were just trying to see how far they could stretch people’s views of what leadership [is] and where they stopped.”

“Unless you can have an aligned and good understanding of those things, the researchers suggest…there’s not much point in getting started with leadership development activities.”


Kjellström, S., Stålne, K., & Törnblom, O. (2020). Six Ways of Understanding Leadership Development  An exploration of increasing complexity. Leadership, 1742715020926731.