Episode Summary

On today’s episode of the podcast, we discuss whether goal-based regulation increases bureaucracy. We wanted to take this opportunity to dig into safety regulation, because we have yet to talk about how safety regulation works and how effective it is.

Episode Notes

Ultimately, we want to help everyone understand the role of organizations and individuals when it comes to safety regulation. 


  • Why regulators are often spoken of negatively.
  • The two forms of deregulation.
  • Goal-based and rule-based frameworks.
  • The progressive pulling-back of Government involvement in safety.
  • Why overregulation occurs.
  • What is actually being regulated.
  • Conclusions from our conversation.


“So, the intention of this goal-based regulatory strategy is for organizations to understand their broad obligations to adopt a risk-based management strategy and to set their own safety management requirements inside their own organization.”

“The second theme that came out of the analysis was that overregulation is because of liability management and management insecurity.”

“The next important question to ask is are we regulating safety work or regulating safety of work?”


Seeing Like a State

How Deregulation can Become Overregulation