Episode Summary

On today’s episode of the Safety of Work podcast, we discuss the benefits of job safety analysis.

Episode Notes

It’s difficult to give an introduction to this topic, given that a JSA is such an amorphous topic. Generally speaking, we’re talking about job or task-hazard analysis; the idea behind task-hazard analysis is that you break the task down into steps and figure out what controls are necessary to keep the task safe.

Tune in to hear us clarify the idea of and benefits from job safety analysis.


  • The lack of standard terminology.
  • Why some claims from JSA’s are implausible.
  • The structure of the study covered in the paper.
  • Why the analysis in the study is more of a comparison.
  • The overconfident optimism of the researchers.
  • How JSA’s clarify worker’s duties.
  • Who makes the decisions.
  • Hazard awareness.
  • Loss prevention.
  • Practical takeaways.


“I think it would be fair to say that I’ve never yet met a method of risk assessment that I fell in love with.”

“The researchers are too optimistic about how much the documented JSA’s reflect what actually went on.”

“Ultimately, in high risk work, the immediate hazard awareness of people is important for safety.”


The Application and Benefits of Job Safety Analysis