Episode Summary

Welcome back to our multi-part discussion about just culture.This is part two of our deep-dive.

Episode Notes

In this installment, we cover more chapters from Sidney Dekker’s book about just culture. Last week we covered the core ideas of just culture. This week, we go over retributive and restorative culture and the impetus behind rule-breaking.


  • The problem with rewarding good behavior.
  • How a retributive system functions.
  • The standard for risk assessment.
  • How restorative culture functions.
  • Why sharing experiences is key.
  • What is expected under a solid restorative justice system.
  • Understanding rule-breakers.
  • How the book fails to properly dissect rule-breaking.
  • Practical takeaways.


“If our purpose is to make a better workplace, then we need a system that for most people, most of the time, it’s doing a good job.”

“When we talk about safety, we’re not talking about elements of a typical criminal offense; we’re talking about things that in the criminal courts would be talking about negligence. Which is all about meeting acceptable standards.”

“Sidney emphasizes a lot the importance of all stakeholders to share their stories with each other.”


Just Culture