Episode Summary

Welcome back! Today, we finish up our three-part series on the book Just Culture. We cover the final three chapters and finally figure out what the full story is with the concept of just culture.

Episode Notes

The final chapters cover such issues as creating functional reporting systems and the pitfalls in creating such systems.


  • Creating a solid reporting system.
  • At what point does something become an incident?
  • Voluntary vs. mandatory reporting.
  • When your organization is facing prosecution.
  • How reporting gets stifled.
  • The problem with penalties.
  • Looking after all parties involved in incidents.
  • The outcomes safety professionals want.
  • Practical takeaways.


“I think this is the struggle with those sort of systems, is that if they are used frequently, then it becomes a very normal thing…but that means that people are using that channel instead of using the line management as their channel…”

“I think unless we work for a regulator, we need to remind ourselves that it’s not actually our job, either, to run the prosecution or even to help the prosecution.”

“If you think your system is fair, then you should be proud of explaining to people exactly how it works.”


Just Culture