Episode Summary

Safety cases have been around since the inception of nuclear power. Now, safety cases have spread all the way to amusement parks. They are always linked to major accidents.

Episode Notes

Today, we plan to discuss whether safety cases are headed towards an impending crisis.

Join us as we figure out if the work safety community is headed for disaster.


  • Shifting the burden of proof.
  • The notion of “anti-safety”.
  • Making the implicit, explicit.
  • Trends of the past.
  • Impediments to research.
  • Variant and process theories.
  • Disrupting beliefs and ideas to create a more favorable outcome.
  • Why collaboration matters.


“…It’s a little bit paradoxical: Because why do we try to identify hazards, if not making the implicit claim that by trying to identify hazards and control them, we are making our system safer?”

“People don’t share their safety case data with anyone they don’t have to share it with.”

“And if we can turn the reasons why people do things into theories, and then test those theories, then we’ve got good potential for changing how people do things…”


Safety Cases: An Impending Crisis?