Today, we discuss whether mandatory double-check policies actually improve safety in the workplace.

Episode Notes

This topic came directly from our Safety of Work portal, which you can locate on our LinkedIn page. Rhys Thomas was good enough to submit this topic and also provided us with some great resources.

Join us as we dive into this topic and decide whether double-check policies help improve safety.


  • What double-checking is.
  • The difference between a practice and mandatory policy.
  • Armitage and his history of papers regarding the medical field.
  • Deference to authority.
  • Formal risk assessment and internal risk assessment.
  • Independent checking.
  • What the evidence shows.
  • Practical takeaways.


“How do you know whether an error has happened, if no one notices it?”

“I think you’re doing a good job of qualitative research, if readers want to then go and actually read the raw data.”

“And I am completely unwilling to say, ‘This is a bad practice, we should get rid of it’ until we’ve got the evidence.”


Double Checking Medicines: Defence Against Error or Contributory Factor?


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