On today’s episode, we discuss the visibility of high-vis clothing. Are they actually “high-vis”?

Episode Notes

We came across this topic, because of a conversation happening on LinkedIn. Thus, we thought it would be a good idea to dig into this subject and discuss it further.

Listen in as we discuss what actually makes humans most visible in unsafe situations and what some studies have concluded.


  • Why the results between lab and natural environments vary.
  • How studies determine visibility.
  • Which colors are best for high visibility.
  • What makes humans most visible.
  • Using high-vis colors to identify objects and humans.
  • Practical takeaways.


“The general goal of this, is they just want to compare a whole heap of different factors.”

“The ability to just spot high-vis and the ability to spot a human wearing high-vis, seem to be actually two different mental tasks.”

“There’s been some suggestion in the research that we should actually standardize a human high-vis color.”


The Roles of Garment Design and Scene Complexity in the Daytime Conspicuity of High-Visibility Safety Apparel