Episode Summary

Welcome back to the Safety of Work podcast! Though Drew is out for this episode, this means we’re graced by the insightful Dr. Jop Havinga, a colleague of ours from the Safety Science Innovation Lab. Dr. Havinga is a great guest, as he probably spends more time in the field than the average safety science professional.

Episode Notes

Together, Jop and I discuss a topic on which Drew and I previously touched: We revisit how stop-work decisions are made and why this is such an interesting topic of research.


  • Jop’s research methods.
  • How to interpret and explain procedures.
  • Why rules don’t always lead to a work stoppage.
  • Why stop-work happens.
  • The perception vs. reality of stop-work.
  • Myths and expectations of safety culture.
  • The main takeaway.


“I think I’ve probably been guilty myself of not fully defining what I’m talking about.”

“Only one case I found where a rule actually led to stopping work.”

“First of all, compared to current interventions we see around stop-work…they all paint this picture of real significant decisions…and well, I found that plenty of stop-work decisions are basically considered insignificant.”


Deciding to Stop Work or Deciding How Work is Done?